Street sweeping is a necessary part of keeping communities clean and visually appealing. Street sweepers remove dirt, debris, litter and other contaminants on the street and sidewalks. These machines have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 19th century. Newer models have advanced to pick up small debris, effectively reducing pollutant levels and improving water quality.

Are Street Sweepers Good for the Environment?

Are Street Sweepers Good for the Environment? 

When streets are left uncleaned for a long period, there can be a buildup of various harmful materials, which can negatively impact safety, people and the environment. Due to technological advancements geared toward sustainability, street sweepers offer numerous environmental benefits, including:   

Improves Stormwater Management

When heavy rainfall hits impervious surfaces, like paved ground, the excess water carries materials into storm drains or sewerage systems. The buildup of debris in sewage systems can lead to blockages and flooding, posing a risk to drivers and pedestrians. The water can also carry chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Street sweeping can reduce the amount of waste that enters storm drains. 

Removes Pollutants

Pollutants such as sediments, metals, dust, industrial emissions residue and many more can enter stormwater and the air. Without proper cleaning, these pollutants can have adverse effects on the water and air quality. Sustainable street sweeping employs advanced technologies and methods to remove these harmful substances effectively. Newer models can capture fine particles and control their distribution in the air, preventing air pollution. 

Prevents Algae Formation

Leaves contain high levels of phosphorus, a nutrient that promotes microorganism growth. When leaves, grass cuttings and other forms of green waste hit the paved ground, they can wash into lakes and rivers when it rains. The phosphorus found in green waste can lead to algae formation, which creates toxins harmful to fish and other animals or people who come in contact with the body of water. Streep sweeping decreases the amount of green waste that enters lakes and disposes of it safely.

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