• Highly Productive Performance
  • Rugged and Reliable
  • Extremely Maneuverable
  • Effectively Simple

The R-6XL is a full-featured, high-capacity 6 yd3 regenerative air street sweeper that is mounted on the largest non-CDL chassis available. Manufactured with reliability and simplicity in mind, the R-6XL features a blast orifice style sweeping hood that generates a powerful air flow needed for deep cleaning road surfaces.

The R-6XL offers the right combination of size, power, and capacity, making it perfect for a variety of applications, including sweeping roads and congested downtowns.

Stewart-Amos Galaxy R-6XL

All Galaxy models are equipped with unique features designed to make your sweeping tasks safer, easier and more cost effective.

Key Performance, Productivity & Safety Features

Galaxy sweepers deep clean road surfaces! We design and build effectively simple, uncomplicated regenerative air street sweepers that are easy to operate and maintain, while providing the lowest cost of ownership possible. All of our Galaxy models are built for superior productivity in high-performance sweeping applications. They feature a blast orifice style sweeping hood and powerful air flow for optimum sweeping.
Check out our productivity and performance features below.

Galaxy R-6XL Shown Above.

Model Number Sweeping Path Chassis GVWR CDL Required Hopper Capacity Hydraulic Power Train Dump Height Gutter Broom Size* Water Capacity Stainless Steel Hopper Bolt-Together Hopper Panels Top Hopper Access Door Debris Hopper Screen
R-6XL 10′ 19,500 lbs NO 6.12 yd3 74.3 Kubota 26″ 42″ 330 gal YES YES YES 28.8 ft2

*54″ Optional

Learn more about our Galaxy R-6XL Regenerative Air Sweepers. 

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