Street sweepers can generate a considerable amount of noise, and it is our mission at Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co. to make street sweepers quieter. Reducing street sweeper noise is a crucial aspect of maintaining a peaceful and healthy urban environment.

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Why Are Street Sweepers Noisy?

The engine of a street sweeper can be quite loud due to the power and sound of its operation. The sweeping brushes and vacuum systems that collect debris from the streets also produce significant noise.

Street sweepers often operate during early morning or late evening hours, when noise restrictions are not in place. This is done to minimize disruptions to the flow of traffic during peak hours. 

To reduce sweeper noise, there are three primary approaches that can be used.

1. Receiver Control

Receiver control involves reducing the impact of noise on individuals by altering the design and use of buildings and other structures. For instance, sound-absorbing materials can be used in the construction of buildings near busy streets to minimize noise transmission. Similarly, the use of noise barriers and sound walls along highways can reduce the noise exposure of people living near them.

2. Path Control

Path control focuses on changing the routes taken by street sweepers to lessen the impact of noise on communities. By routing street sweepers away from residential areas or other noise-sensitive locations, the impact of the noise can be reduced. This can be achieved by using mapping software to identify the quietest routes and avoiding areas with high population density.

3. Source Control

Source control involves modifying the street sweepers themselves to reduce the noise they generate. This can include the use of quieter engines, mufflers or other noise-reducing technologies. Also, optimizing the design of the sweeping brushes and vacuum systems can help reduce the noise generated during their operation.

Here are some ways that source control helps to reduce street sweeper noise: 

  • Seals reduce engine noise and vibrations.
  • Sweeping heads and sweeping fans can be optimized to reduce noise during operation.
  • Regular maintenance ensures that the vehicle is operating at its optimal level.
  • Installing sound suppression systems such as mufflers or noise-dampening panels will also keep noise levels down.

By combining all three of these approaches, it is possible to significantly reduce the noise that street sweepers generate.

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