Starfire Mechanical Broom Sweeper Videos

See our Gutter Broom Maintenance/Operation Video

See our Main Broom Maintenance/Operation Video

See our Proximity Sensor Adjustments Video

Introducing the Starfire S-4c (Shortened Version)

Big things come in small packages. See the S-4 at work.

See the Starfire S-4XL broom sweeper tackle dirty streets!

Watch the Starfire S-5 sweep millings!

Learn about our Starfire S-6 Street Sweeper.

See the Starfire S-6 mechanical broom sweeper in action!

Galaxy Regenerative Air Sweeper Videos 

See our Maximizing Vacuum Performance Video

Watch the Galaxy R-4 Regen sweeper Deep Clean Road Surfaces!

Stewart-Amos proudly presents the Galaxy line of regenerative air sweepers!

Watch the Galaxy R-6XL Regenerative Air Sweeper Deep Clean Road Surfaces!

See our Galaxy Series on the move.